20 Gifts For 14 Year Old Girls That’ll Make Them Feel Grown Up

We all know the feeling of being left with endless choices for gifts, and it can be tough to find something that is just right. But we have found some great ideas if you are looking for 14-year old girl’s birthday present! These will make her feel like an adult even though she still has many years ahead until maturity officially sets in .

1.Blanket Hoodie

The sherpa blanket hoodie with two pocket design is perfect for keeping you warm and cozy this winter. Made of high quality sherpa fleece, the Soft Warm Thick blanket hoodie will keep your head toasty in any environment!

2. Apple AirPods

Want to get the best for your teen? Give her a pair of AirPods. The chargeable case provides more than 24 hours, and they last up with five-hour listening time on one go! They also sense when you’re using them so it pauses playback automatically in order not be distracting or else interrupt what she’s enjoying (and let everyone know exactly how much attention span these kids need).

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

This salt lamp provides a beautiful and soft glow which makes it great for ambiance or night light. Made from 250 million-year old Himalayan mountain, the base sits on wood with two 15 watt lights bulbs included as well along an adjustable dimmer switch!

4. Intentions Capsule Bracelet

When a teenage girl wants to keep her goals close, what better way than with this bracelet? The paper scrolls include three capsules. One for writing on and two that can hold anything you want – including wishes from family members or friends!

5. Tarot Tapestry

The Sun tarot card is a great way to show someone you care about their spiritual well-being. This tapestry features the sun, which symbolizes life and knowledge! You can choose from four different sizes: 59 x 51 inches (perfect for smaller rooms), 82 square feet or 92 sq ft., depending on how much space they need in order make this piece work best with what’s already there – but no worries if it doesn’t match because we have other choices too that will update any décor easily without having radical changes happening all over again every day

6. Motivational Candle

Give her the gift of confidence with this Yes You Candle. The soy candle is eight ounces and made from pure essential oils, meaning it’s perfect for anyone who wants to feel pampered or relaxant in their own space! Plus its fragrant scent blends citrus & sage so you’ll both be hooked after one smell alone

7. Gel Glitter

The Unicorn has a special place in their heart for all things glitter. This includes the top of this year’s gift list, Gellery Glitter Gel! The cosmetic grade glitters are safe to use on skin and won’t come off until you want them too thanks to its long wearing properties which make it perfect if your planning an event or just going out solo is what we’re talking about here – because who doesn’t enjoy some sparkly eye candy every now again?

8. Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are the perfect accessory for any girl on-the go. They come in four different scents (lavender, rose , lemon and orange) that will make your skin feel rejuvenated with their high quality ingredients made only from organic materials!

9. Foldable Flats

These cute rose gold flats are the perfect accessory for any event where you’ll be wearing heels or other uncomfortable shoes. The fold-up flat size means that they can go anywhere and not take up too much space in your purse, while also being comfortable enough to wear all day long!

10. Bed Canopy

The Glowing Canopy makes her bed a cozy haven, perfect for reading and relaxing. And of course sleeping! The canopy features dozens or stars that glow in the dark so you can have an extra light when it’s time to hit those books after lights out (or before). All installation accessories are included too – no need look anywhere else.

11. Jewelry Stand

The copper and concrete jewelry box is an elegant yet modern way to store your pieces. With its simple design, this beautiful piece can be used in any room for decoration or storage!

12. Fabulous Pens

These fun ink pens will make even doing the most mundane tasks like writing a to-do list or signing forms just that little bit more glamourous! The ballpoint pens come with an almost limitless supply of black ink cartridges which can be replaced when they run dry.

13. Tortilla Blanket

Her favorite thing to do is sleep under a giant tortilla blanket. It’s so warm and cozy, she can even sleep with the designs of other food! The flannel-like material makes it easy for snuggles in any position or mood you may be feeling – there are 71″ diameter versions available too if that’s more your style (or less).

14. Makeup Wipes

Give your skin the love it deserves with these makeup-removing wipes! They’re formulated for normal or oily skins, so you can use them when she isn’t at home and needs to freshen up. There are 30 sheets per package which will last a while (not including any other uses).

15. Animal Sheet Masks

What’s more fun than pampering your skin? These face masks are printed on one side with animal designs and the otherside soothing ingredients to help teen go into relaxation mode. A great way for themto have an amazing birthday party! If they want some friends over, all their guests can do a mask together too-it’ll be like no School Skincare Regime ever again (but in favor)!

16. Nail Polish Gift Set

The eco-friendly, toxic free nail polish delivers a dry finish in just 60 seconds. The hassle of UV lamps and removers is eliminated with this simple application that can be removed by simply soaking fingers for several minutes to peel it off easily! With ten different colors available at your fingertips she has everything needed from day or night – even if he clothes match her nails perfectly

17. Resin Barrettes

The resin barrettes are the perfect accessory for your favorite hairstyle. With a non-slip grip and thick or thin textured hair, these will stay put no matter what you do!

18. Tie-Dye Scrunchies

The perfect gift for any girl who loves to experiment with her look, these scrunchies are an easy and affordable way to have that 70s-inspired hair. With colors matching every outfit in your closet they’ll be right at home on top of their head or poking out from under bangs!

19. Hoodie

This hoodie is a must-have for anyone. It will be the perfect gift to get on your list, and 13 year old girls can’t miss out either! What makes this one different than other ones you may have seen before? The Cat Year HOOD!! That’s right – it has an adorable cat design in place of traditional lettering or logos (which might help them stay warm during these cold months). Sizes range from small all way up intoXL so there’s sure enough room still left over where they’ll want more stuff from us once we’re done filling their stockings…

20. Bluetooth Speaker

What’s the best way to share music with other people? This speaker! It’s water resistant and can be hooked on your keys or backpack. The loop makes it easy for you, so just throw one of these bad boys in front of any teen girl who needs some good tunes (and let ’em rip).

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