Gift’s Ideas For All Design Lovers On Your List

What makes a truly special gift? Who comes from the heart. We are looking for high and low to come up with 20 wise gift ideas that almost many people on your list will be enjoyed. From personalized gloves to the helpful kitchen gadget, this is our main choice for this year.

Smart Mug.

Coffee is never cold again? This temperature controlled coffee mug is a gift that continues to give. Mug is a game-changer because it uses innovative technology connected with smartphone applications to control and maintain their coffee or tea temperature.

Cold coffee making

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers

Take their coffee game to the next level with a durable and BPA free pitcher that displays the airtight and non-slip silicon handle to make quality cold drinks at home. Pitcher makes four portions of fine cold drinks with all kinds of coffee places and can last up to two weeks.

Knead massage pillows

If they are too busy for the spa, then the gift they are massage luxuries that relieve stress from home. Shiatsu massage nodes are strong and knead with muscles that are too often used and automatically change direction every minute. Plus, the advanced heating function calms the painful muscles and can be turned on and turned off easily.

Leather gloves

Can we take a minute to appreciate how beautiful and lasting this leather gloves? The buttery finish, minimalist monogram, stylish hues array. Their gift is a set of luxury, durable, and they will never suffer through frozen fingers and hand shivering again.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles, this electric appetizer offers portable comfort, wireless, fast performance, easy, opening a bottle in seconds.

Roll Tech Leather.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers 1

This practical skin technology roll is a lifetime hack that we never know. With a tied design that allows you to include several cables and cables, which are soft, the leather organizers will maintain their favorite technology in its place. Add a thwarted monogram for a beautiful and personalized touch, the recipient of the gift you will like.


Tested as an important kitchen tool by some of the country’s leading chefs, the cast iron pan cottage was created to cook Yummy family food for decades. The chef in life you can use this pan to get rid of, saute, bake, grilled, braise, fry or grill. Plus, it comes pre-seasoning that improves with use.

Weighted blanket

Give them to sleep well which has long been dreamed of with this cooling weighted blanket. Made of 100 percent, high quality cotton, 12 or 15 pound throws blankets will provide extraordinary comfort when they read, relax or screw.

Rindu Lilin

Whether it’s a southern California sea breeze, a typical spring aroma in Central Park in NYC or the vibration of energy pulses through Brazil, Homesick has covered with a wax selection of wisdom and more. ,

Sweet Succulent

Maintain their green thumb – or lack – with low care xerographic air plants in funny ceramic pots that will brighten the kitchen, workspace, or their nightstand.

Ceramic diffuser

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers 2

The vitruvi stone diffuser is the hands down the most handsome ultrasonic essential diffuser out there. This is perfect for anyone who needs to prioritize self-care and relaxation.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers

For you all looking for a smart gift design, you come to the right place! We consulted with some of our favorite architects and designers to drive a list of 17 unique and creative ideas, perfect for all design lovers on your list. (We have the feeling that handmade ceramics will be an anger this year!)

From Chloe Warner from Redmond Design Aldrich

One of the few things I collected was a vase, and now I am a very simple white. The Eric Roinestad XL Vessel 51 of the perfect future is amazing modern Greece, and this scale vase from Gerhard ceramics based in San Francisco is equally elegant and may be more accessible.
The packaging is alone in the Multi-Purpose Olio E Osso balm sells it for me, but then I find people using it as lip balm, cuticle oil, and brow groomer, and now I need three. It is available in the most beautiful gems of a beauty shop that we just designed in Bush Street, Ayla Beauty.
I like to give weird and beautiful books to people, and books / shops in Oakland have the most unique edition options and out-of-print I have ever seen. On a recent visit, I fell to book Edward Weston Vintage about Lobos Point, but stocks always changed. For me, it is a shop that must be visited in the temescal alley that must be visited.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers

From Bonnie Bridges of Boor Bridges Architecture

Made by our talented friend Beth Naumann in his Emeryville studio, Hellbent, a lightweight diamond cellphone was the perfect accent for each room. The striking but smooth design looks great in front of the dark or light wall and throwing geometric shadows lure as a moving and spinning part.
Smoky gray glass and gold leaf accents provide a decanter flown with this hand for a luxe vacation for vacation. This stylish and slim set is the ideal way to close pleasant holiday food.
With a design inspired by traditional holiday motifs, this carved black porcelain mug is perfect for breathing hot chocolate or some wine filled with fire. Be sure to see the rest of the holiday collection to coordinate the sugar bowl and candle from this portland-based clay factor ceramic factor.

From Arsiel Gessler Architects

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers 1

Even though the press was introduced a few years ago, I think the unique concept is an absolute classic. The clock needs one year for the hand to fully travel around. The color scheme is thick and reflects season changes throughout the year. As the name suggests, this clock gives you a way to see a different time.
This creative and pleasant monkey lamp carries unique imagination and attitude. You can mix and match small people to make fun vibrations that damage the norm. Definitely a conversation starter.
We have found a simple and easy way to capture certain colors that we like and match them with our favorite paint brands, such as Farrow & Ball and Benjamin Moore. Simply put Nix Mini on any surface; It uses its own internal light source and connects wirelessly to your cellphone to give you the appropriate paint color.

From Dawn Carlson & Carol Perry of Mas Design

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers 2

In Mas, we love designing for confident clients who like their luxury only with a bad touch @ SSERY. This Sadoughi catfish bracelet arouses their enthusiasm and artistic talent. Simmetry of architecture and post-industrial machinery is alignment, they will die for!
Speaking of Bad @ Ssery, this set of Flask Sutton Ralph Lauren will appeal to the design of the geek in your life! A set of Monogram RL playing cards will show the opposition that they are dedicated to their craft. (Not to mention the craft cocktail they will drink with thermos and cups included.)
We all know someone who destroys stress on vacation. They have a sense of humor, coupled with a sense of style, and this is ridiculous, but extraordinary, Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Floampie will float them to a cold Holidaze.

From Karen Curtiss of Red Dot Studio

Tejas my dear produces a collection of leather jackets and bags. Seriously designed by Susan Kim in North California, using sustainable American skin, which is browned in Colorado and made carefully by craftsmen in Texas.
Anandamayi Arnold is a berkeley artist whose specialism makes “shocking the ball” of crepe paper. The balls are filled with around 10 small toys and snacks. Some of our favorites are sparkling snowballs, coal lumps, and pomegranates. The surprise ball is available on the tail of the yak, they don’t have a website but the location of brick and mortar they provide a wonderful shopping experience.
Rare devices are one of our favorite San Francisco stores for shopping. Giselle Gyyalzen, shop owners and buyers, have great eyes for art and products. They carry prints and beautiful art gifts. As a coffee lover, I checked the mug of their buildup, coffee fat, suppressor, and pot. Also, make sure to check their rotating art events at their divisadero location.

From Jeff King & Company

The membership for the art center of the Yerba Buena is perfect for those who value contemporary art in all its forms. Not your typical art gallery, YBCA brings visual arts, art performances, films, and shared civil involvement, believe that culture is very important for change.
And finally, if you need more inspiration for unique gifts, see the San Francisco City Hall pop-up shop on Wednesday, December 6, toys, leather, household, and more. With so many talented craftsmen and makers in San Francisco, you are sure to find a gift for everyone on your list!

The Main Gift Guide For Creative People

We hope this ultimate gift guide will relieve stress to find the right gift for that type of ‘creative’. We are sure you will find something here that will make the next year more difficult to beat!

Gifts To Encourage Self-Expression

Creative types often view the world around them and their own lives as works of art and are likely to find opportunities for self-expression in everyday life. Help them express yourself!
Some people enjoy expressing themselves through a brave mode statement and others through photography, written words, or culinary delights! Some appreciate innovative technology and need all the latest technology gadgets while others are creative DIY and enjoy making everything by hand. Or maybe this creative person is more than a minimalist design and appreciates everything that represents a great design. Whatever form of self expression they enjoy, believe me, there are gifts for that!

For inspired ideas generators

Creative individuals often like to record things that inspire them. Set 3 This mini sketch of UGMONK is the perfect size to carry in a backpack, wallet, or back pocket to make sure your creative friends are always ready to capture inspiration moments!

For style icons

If he likes to make a brave statement with a vibrant wardrobe, a pleasant beanie pom-pom in pink, burgandy, or light blue “, or sapphire will speak his fashion. POM-POM oversized, colored cashmere beanies, and chunky knitted Everything is in style this season. And there are so many choices to choose from!

For creative mixology lovers

The Main Gift Guide For Creative People

For unique people in your life who knows how to fully appreciate Malt Scotch, Rum, or Bourbon Full Burbon. Let them be creative and express themselves with the aging of their own spirits! This private kit includes a liter white white oak barrel with 3 liters with 3 essence of aging barrel swish. A great piece of conversation for their home bar! (Note: Alcohol is not included)

For modern creative men

Unique and stylish socks are cool fashion statements for creative men! London Sock Co. Work with talented designers and creative, including professional stylists and image consultants Joe Ottaway and artist Rosemary Goodenough. Celebrities like Daniel Craig, Sam Smith, and Dev Patel are also fans of this stylish socks! So many gift box options size and even subscribe to socks.

For non-commitment art lovers

Temporary tattoos aka “flash tats” are great for those who might enjoy playing with self-expression through body art but don’t want to commit to one special artwork for life! For anyone who wants to experiment with body art, design by Tatly celebrating the art of professional artists. The beautiful level shown here is designed by Rifle Paper Co.

For web developers who love beer

Don’t leave our talented web developers who are advanced our creative design codes! Give your favorite coder Happy Hour inspired HTML with a glass that is approved by this geek from Uncommongoods. Now they will be able to break the perfect pour code in their pilsner. HTML beer glasses, set 2 $ 25
Pro tip:
Looking for unique gifts? One of the right places to shop for unique items is in the art museum gift shops. Many of the best museums in the world have online stores. Did you know that you can shop online at the Louvre souvenir shop in Paris, France? The museum tends to have a variety of interesting items that are perfect for giving gifts!

Gifts To Excite Their Design Sense

Creative people tend to be excited on products and well-designed products and experiences well designed. Speak their language with some of the ideas below! Rovemade Walnut Monitor Stand

For creator conscious design

The Main Gift Guide For Creative People 2

This slim groved collection has a clean line, wise design, and made of natural ingredients. This setting will definitely inspire creative friends who work hard and allow them to take their workspace, and their work, to the next level. Grove wood monitors stand in walnuts

For nerds

These books by Typography Superstar Jessica Hische are truly amazing! The Penguin Drop Caps series includes 26 unique classic literature hardcovers featuring beautiful cover art for each alphabet letter.

For typographic lovers

Those who are passionate about the type of design might enjoy wearing their hearts on the sleeve with this super-soft unisex feather crewneck. Seriously comfortable and serious with the details of the applique sewn. Copywriter in your life may also appreciate this one! UGMONK Premium Ampersand Crewneck Bookend Superhero Black Metal This unique add to the unexpected visual interest in any bookshelf.

For color lovers

The Main Gift Guide For Creative People

Our office is filled with creative people who like good puzzle breaks during business days! As a creative that solves a difficult design challenge, we sometimes need a quiet mental break. The puzzle is a great way for us to stay away from the computer and work together. This beautiful puzzle from Betterco. Made by Vin Thomas designers. Milky Way and Gradien are some of our favorites. $ 25.

For Nerd & Card Print Player

Beautifully designed and printed, this handmade luxury playing card combines several print techniques including gold foil, hot stamping, and bronze foil. Wow, amazing details! Residents a pile of cards from @ Theory11 illustrated by @kevincantrellstudio which is amazing and printed by @StudioFire $ 9.95
Pro tip:
Some brands have more creative packaging design for their products, which are perfect for gifts! Often the unique and well-designed packaging can take your gifting game to the next level. Great packaging design has the ability to increase everyday products to something more extraordinary, impact, and memorable. Beware of cool packaging designs!

The Best Christmas Gift For Students Design

The Best Christmas Gift For Students Design

Today’s November payment is getting closer, so we have collected the best Christmas gift ideas for student design and junior designers. We had a prize in four ranges – under $ 25, under $ 75, under $ 125, and (for a more generous), more than $ 125.
Books are always a safe bet, so we have a stack of them – about the type, about icons, about the best young designers in this country. We also got the best Moleskine design this year. And we have a workshop that will get an Instagram designer photo that just flew. Plus there are small phone printers to print ideas while traveling, cover portfolios to help them stand out in job interviews, and first aid kits for gadgets. Let’s get started.

Keith Haring Limited Edition Moleskine

The Best Christmas Gift For Students Design

Did you know that Van Gogh should use Moleskine? Picasso too? And Hemingway … of course you do. Everyone does it. But no of those who have Moley featuring chart by artists and American activists who are great Keith Haring. HARING is one of the most influential image makers in the late 20th century, and this is easy to be the best limited edition moleskine this year.

design school: type

Type: Practical guides for students and designers offer a thorough introduction to typography – “The most important important skills supported practically every aspect of graphic design” – and intended for students, recent graduates, and teaching designers. Richard Poulin, Principal Consulting Multidisciplinary Design Poulin + Morris, New York State, is your guide.

Think in the icon

In his new book who thinks in the icon: designing and creating an effective visual symbol, Felix Sockwell (Google, Facebook, New York Times) speaks to you through everything from “enhanced visual systems” to “Ubiquitous Emoji”. These icons, he argues, has become an international language we are all fluent, often without realizing it: “This is a designer guide to create a great statement next.”

Draplin Design Co

The Best Christmas Gift For Students Design 1

Ford Motors. Dear master. Obama. If you don’t know the name Aaron Draplin, chances are you have seen the work. This book is a “mid-career survey” of the graphic designer portfolio, which shares case studies, road stories, and advice on how it reaches the top, with many examples of its items. His comments also live.

Leather notebook

Handmade, Italian Leather, Inspirational Quotes Bernas: Hope House Press knows the score when it comes to luxury notebooks. The items have a “celebrity heretic.” Progress is not perfect Notebook comes in nine different colors and you choose plain paper, lined or squared for the page. It also comes gifts wrapped, with the handwriting notes of your choice.

21 twenty one

Designer features at the forefront of the industry including designers that are inevitable
Twenty-one: 21 Designers for the twenty-first century English saw the biggest names in the English design today. “They lead the public sense and critical debate; they are innovators and material explorers or new processes; they build new ways to work, and redefine what might happen,” he said. The author Gareth Williams saw the folio, among others, Troika, Jaime Hayon, and El Ultimo Grito.

Subscribe to magazines

Magazine subscriptions are a good choice for students design – not only this gift that keeps giving throughout the year, it is also a great way for them to get used to the industry and learn all the important info they need to master them specializing in. At Creative Bloq, we represent a number of best designs and creative magazines, each for different creative specialties.

For graphic designers there are computer art, for digital artists there imaginefx, for beginner web designers or developers we have clean and web designers, and 3D fans of artists can learn many of the 3D artists of the world and 3D. Plus, all of these titles have a Christmas offer limited time with up to 49% of the subscription price, so they bargain today.

Under-the-Jack Package

The Best Christmas Gift For Students Design 2

The way we see it, the under-the-jack package has two functions. First, “This ultra-slim profile lets you bring your laptop quietly”, ideal if you are worried about being robbed or you are a part-time spy. Secondly, the backpack looks rubbish on a very smart clothing, so this product lets you bring everything you need to bring without making your new winter coat. It is also functional, with bags and compartments for telephone and headphones, and it is compatible with laptops 13 and 15 inches.

Incredible Holiday Gifts For Designers

Holidays are jovial year time, but they can also make stress when finding trying to find the right gifts for designers in your life. We have collected guides with 46 amazing ideas for designers to help you find the perfect holiday gift.

Smashing Book 5 – Real Life RWD

Another edition in a large series of smashing books, Smashing Book 5 explained the ins and outs of real-life responsive web design.

Separate book – You are my favorite client

In the second book Mike Monteiro, he eliminates the design process and helps designers prepare for this role.

Shining light flowy neck

 Incredible Holiday Gifts For Designers

Each designer needs a cool and comfortable shirt for use. Receipt from sales of this shirt goes to autism awareness.

Wherever you go flowy long sleeve tee

Sometimes there are romantic sentiments to cross. T-shirts like this are good for letting your friends say what they feel.

Live Loud Flowy V-Neck

This V-Neck Live Live is a good gift for designers with fierce instincts and the need to express themselves.

Weather Ball Tee

These tee-shirts sang the design of elegant and simple dribbble weather balls on the background that are soft and colored cranberries.

Instax printer

This cool little printer has a phone image in the user’s hand – wireless, so it can be taken anywhere.

Form Coffee T-shirts

 Incredible Holiday Gifts For Designers 1

Let your designer friends express what they really think about “Forms Follow Forms that follows the coffee” White T-Shirt.

Not a hipster t-shirt

Don’t let your friends risk grouped with hipsters. They can announce who they are with this “I am a designer instead of a hipster t-shirt”.

logo board game

The logo board game will test your friend’s knowledge about the famous logo; It is a dream of designers who come true.

Fly x3.

This practical motorized cellphone stabilizer takes shooting and video perfectly on the iPhone. It is also compact and easy to carry.

Confidant Hardcover Notebook

A designer can never have too many notebooks. This one has a sturdy hardcover that can be beaten.

Fancy CMYK Playing Cards

This collection card collection is designed by and for graphic designers – they make perfect stockings.

Bamboo Spark.

This digital notebook from Wacom allows users to record and ideas from paper directly to the cloud.

Autodesk Graphic.

 Incredible Holiday Gifts For Designers 2

The previous packaged vector image and illustration application is the perfect gift for this holiday season designer.

Satechi Type-C USB Combo Hub

For users who have more things to connect with computers can handle, this USB All-in-One Hub is the best way to organize and provide space for all external devices.

Bruer Slow Drip Cold Brew Coffee

Ice coffee feels better when it is brewed coldly, that’s why the coffee maker drops is slow very useful.

External Portable MacBook Battery

Do designers travel to work or have fun, sometimes it is important for them to have an external battery to make their MacBook cast with extra hours.

Premium Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee makes the perfect gift for designers. They need something to make them stay excited during long projects.

Subscribe to Monthly Art Supplies

What designers won’t like cool art equipment that cool appears at their door every month?

Make ideas happen

This great book by Scott Belsky talks about overcoming obstacles between vision and reality.


Shane Snow, one of the major writers for saturated blogs is very popular, sharing the secret about how hackers, innovators, and icons can accelerate success in the smartcuts book.


One of the most classic and loved books about life art, flowing by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is worth for all types of designers.

Pen-A type

This elegant pen is made of stainless steel and slips into a beautiful laser-engraved steel ruler casing.

Perfect Gift For Creative People

Perfect Gift For Creative People

Gifts for creative people seem to have a little pressure attached to them, right? Because it’s always the same creative people who seem to have an absolute best gift idea for all of us.
But never be afraid! Today, we will remove the pressure find gifts for creative people this holiday season by offering some of our best gift ideas for creative.
The list below includes everything from “under $ 20” gifts for creative people, books that will be given as gifts for creative, super unique gift ideas for creative people and more.
Use the table below to navigate this giant gift list for creative people and find the perfect idea for surprisingly loved your creative this year.
This is a list of our best gifts for creative people in 2021:
To start a list of gifts for creative people, let’s start with the most friendly wallet options: a gift list “under $ 20” for artistic people in your list.
Finding the perfect gift for creative does not mean you have to break the bank with original art or expensive technology. Often, creative people tend to appreciate attention and creativity when receiving gifts.
If you prefer to spend a little more on creative people in your life, you can browse the “high-end” section for more expensive gifts for creative people after you have finished here.
Now to the gift list for creative people in your life:

Peel ‘n stick chalk wall

Perfect Gift For Creative People

Help creative people in your life get their office organized or drink doodles with this 9 × 12-inch whiteboard sheet. They come in two colors: gray or green stone.

Waterproof Notebook for Bathroom

Creative people in your life are likely to get some of their best ideas when bathing. Give them a gift never lose an idea again with this waterproof notebook.

Sticker package for laptop or their water bottle

Creative people like gifts that help them express themselves. And who doesn’t like to update a boring stainless steel water bottle with some fun colorful stickers? I tell you, if you need a simple and affordable gift for artful people, stickers are a total victory! Sticker shop package on Amazon

Retro art gadgets for their table

Perfect Gift For Creative People 1

I have never met creative people in my life who did not sit and played with one of the art sculpture toys with a big smile on their faces. This is one simple prize for creative people who are the winners who are guaranteed at all times.

Guide for truly creative

You will see there are many books about gift lists for creative people (save scroll) but this one stands out more than just a book. This is an interactive guide, directly to be creative. And it’s brilliant. Look.

Bachelor. Seriously, all kinds of hurt.

There is something about the miracle that makes one of the best gifts for creative people. With all the colors, size, and their style, the late is one of the most basic but versatile creativity tools anywhere. And while it is one of the simplest gifts for artistic people you can buy, this is a holiday that is almost well guaranteed when your creative and artsy people opened this prize!
Start with a bunch of basic Sharpies like this. Or if you think the laves will be a very big hit with creative people in your life and feel like spending more than $ 20, try this Pamungkas Sharpie package instead.

Notebook dot grid.

Perfect Gift For Creative People 2

As a creative person, almost no gifts are better than simple empty notebooks. I personally like the dot-grid sheet that allows you to go back and forth from writing to draw to mock ideas. This is good at a good price:

Cool Gift Designers Will Like

Cool Gift Designers Will Like

There is never a bad time to give yourself or your web designer friends gift! If you have ever wondered what to make creative people who seem to have everything, then this showcase of 20 cool prizes for web designers in your life will give you some fresh ideas.
Here, you will find an awesome old school notepad paper, luxury wireless speaker, colorful cup holder, useful wire organizers, educational games for large companies that display typography and color palettes, and more!

Spring Alphabet Brush Pot

Cool Gift Designers Will Like

This vibrant pot is made with handmade crystals and displays various letters. Use them as a pencil holder or art brush holder, this post will add a touch that is tailored to your shelf or table.

Smart RocketBook Reusable Notebook

If you are a fan of environmentally friendly products, then you will like this. Rocketbook is a smart and reusable notebook that allows you to save the records you write on it on popular cloud storage services. Once stored, you are quite wiping clean and starting new text. All notes are saved and no paper wasted.

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Tablet Graphic Image

This is a cool drawing tablet connected to your Mac or PC and allows you to draw or edit your artwork using digitally easily. It comes with a Pro Pen 2 which displays various levels of sensitivity of pressure and precision pamungkas that accelerate your workflow.

Vintage Notecards Typography

Cool Gift Designers Will Like 1

Set Notecard Vintage typography is a good gift for any typography lovers. Typography is displayed on the struggling fonts from this notecard and classic from the beginning of the twentieth century. Also, you can read about the history of each type of letter on the back of these cards.

Stencil Stainless Steel Progo UI for Portable Images

These days you can find many UI / UX icons on the internet. But if you are old school and like to work with paper and pencils, this stencil will be the best for you to draw a number of popular icons while traveling.

Gradient Puzzle Collection

This is probably the most difficult and most soothing puzzle game you have ever found. You are required to collect gradient puzzles that may take a long time but give you the opportunity to meditate on color.

Side project flow

Designers always get offers to start a side project but get a little out of control if they agree to everything. This post displays a flow diagram that allows you to check whether you can take the project or not.

Wireframe deck

You must have seen a lot of playing cards, but here there is a deck that is actually useful for you. The cards show wireframe for UI and the content strategy of your website so you can plan anywhere with your teammates or clients.

Polaroid Lab Instan Printer

Cool Gift Designers Will Like 2

Great Combo of Vintage and Modern Technology, this printer can change your mobile digital photos into polaroids. All you have to do is install the application on your cellphone, place it on the printer, and get your polaroids printed immediately.

ABC geometric shadow

Chic accessories for your home or office, these posters feature geometric shadows and bright colors can enlighten the space placed.

Counter-Print Book Bag

This is a beautiful minimum handmade bag to bring your books. You can take it as a tote bag or as a shoulder bag in whatever way you like.

CMYK playing cards

The cards consist of four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. All of these colors are displayed in 10 different nuances that show different levels of opacity from certain colors. The perfect gift for graphic designers dealing with color day after day.

Mustache Party Glass Package

Look at the stache on the cup. Not serious. This is a party shot glasses with a mustache. The perfect hipster glasses for any designer party!

Great Gift For Designers 2021

The designer is a group of voters, and we can be very complicated to buy (sorry about that.) There is so much to worry about, who is designed by, what if it’s the wrong color, what if the type is not enough. True or not enough ‘on the trend’.
If you are a designer or want to buy a gift for a friend designer, here are some of our main gift ideas!
This list is not in a certain order and varies in price and product, so hopefully, you will find what you need!

Wacom Intuos Pro Small Graphic Tablet

Great Gift For Designers 2021

Intuos graphics tablets are perfect for creating digital sketches, describing, repairing and making graphics. This is a great all-rounder to help creative work more precisely and naturally compared to using the mouse.
This can save work time, allowing more creative users and opening more creative ideas. Perfect for anyone who likes to make digital artwork!

Pantone … good anything!

If you are not a designer, you may have never heard of Pantone or think they sell some paint here and there, but for designers, they are a company to search for color trends and the best way to print projects!

They also sell many lifestyle products, using famous color references (to designers), once again this product is 100% accurate color, we cannot help them!
We suggest maybe a set of mugs or notebooks, but there are many other big gift ideas, they even sell vacation ornaments!

Online creative courses!

Do you want to enter the creative field for the first time or professionals who are interested in improving your skills, our pro membership will make you well equipped to take the next giant leap in your design career.

iPad Pro (supports Apple pencil)

Great Gift For Designers 2021 1

The iPad with Apple pencil is not cheap but investment for all designers and illustrators. There is massive growth in the number of artists who use the iPad to improve their design and workflow processes. Creative application for iPad, such as procreate and vectornator, makes it much more fun and more convenient to design while traveling.

Loop phone

We are quite close to our cellphone, try to get a ‘right corner’ for pictures or just quickly check Instagram at the wrong time! This practical discovery means users can always have a safe and relaxed grip on their cellphones while avoiding drops and accidental damage.
So our precious phones remain safe and even better ‘loops’ comes in all kinds of designs so that it will look good no matter what’s on the phone!

Bang & Olufsen Wireless Headphones

Good for maintaining concentration at work or used while traveling to the office or studio.
Plus they wireless so there is no affer with another cable above our countless charger, external hard drive, graphic tablet etc.
The sound quality of this headphone is amazing and most importantly … they look great!

Subscribe to the papergang.

For more cunning designers or anyone who wants to rest from using the screen, a papergang subscription is a gift that continues to give.
Made by every month including exclusive stationery and table accessories designed in collaboration with various artists and creative. So this gift provides a number of fantastic stationery to use and source of monthly inspiration and a way to find new artists. They were sent directly to the door!

Dji Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Gimbal Smartphones

This is a little mouthful. This is a handheld smartphone gimbal. This device allows users to attach / enter their smartphones and capture fine and professional recordings while traveling.
This is perfect for every creative who likes to explore, take video recording or enjoy editing video recording. This can be used in professional and personal capacity.
It’s light and easy to chuck in a backpack for that day (and no complaints about faltering recordings.) However, being warned means more time spent ‘get a right angle or shot.’

Multipurpose Laptop Backpack

Great Gift For Designers 2021 2

For a more practical type, this waterproof bag serves as a backpack and workbag / laptop bag in a smarter meeting case. It’s packed full of small bags for laptops, iPad, telephone etc. So everything remains safe, and proven to be more difficult to lose a small SD card and Memory Stick!
It is designed for convenience and to relieve stress placed on the shoulder, perfect for longer trips.