Best Design Gifts Under $ 20

From office items to treat, the following are 20 fun and * actually * useful gift designs with a limited budget.
Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have come and go, and with a large ticket purchase out of the road, now comes a list of work colleagues and acquaintances that are much longer. You know the type: The Special Pals that guarantee a little more than e-cards, but for whom you don’t have a budget for luxury with extraordinary gifts. Lucky for you, we have compiled a well-designed stuffer stocking list and well designed and Santa Secret gift that will not be thrown with the last obsolete gadget, is actually useful, and will register more than one movement. Here are our choices for a pleasant holiday gift, safe to work under $ 20.
Best of all? You can avoid the crowd and find all this online.

Paper vase in gradient by Octaevo

Best Design Gifts Under $ 20

Laminate and hand-handed in Barcelona, ​​this driven ombre vase is made of waterproof paper and easily leveled when it is not used – it is a good color blow for the office, and easily stored. Insert the bottle and flower reused for instant joy bursts.

Architectural postcards set by Alia Penner

Showing eight iconic architectural sites, from the Habitat complex 67 Habitat 67 Moshe Safdie in Montreal to the historic TWA terminal Eero Saarinen in JFK, this colorful postcard by artist Alia Penner is worth maintaining and framing. Set with eight.

G3 vessels by Shinya Yoshida

The perfect catch for Tchotchkes of all types, these silicone ships come in various colors on-trend and are food, dishwasher, microwave, and even a safe oven, making it useful for every purpose.

Casa Bosques Chocolate Bar

Best Design Gifts Under $ 20 1

Casa Bosques is easy to become the best independent bookstore in Mexico City, with the choice of ACE art and design books and magazines – and their typical chocolate is arguably as good, with a unique taste, a small batch is often made to work with the creative creative world. A bonus? No required gift wrap – you want to show off minimalist packaging.

Confetti Cannon.

Bless this mess, as a cannon confetti maker prove: This is a non-denominated gift that is happy to ease the mood and bring cheerfully festally for the most scary friends. Play and play for a good time.

Block color meat-off memo notepad

Organizations never look so good. And Thank you to Rifle Paper Co. The prismatus, spurred pastel in his post, it could also be very caused by non-stress. This stack of 65 sheets is ideal for mapping weeks, with every day labeled gold foil.

Clandestin Notebook Device

Best Design Gifts Under $ 20 3

If there is one thing that is taught in 2018, there is no safe or sacred data – a good case to put important things in analog, ancient ways, with paper and pen. This limited edition set of field notes is equipped with three pocket size notebooks in hiding “Urban Gray. Subscriptions throughout the year ($ 97 / year) come with a fun cipher wheel to encode your most valuable secret.

Binchotan water refining stick by Morihata

Even if you know someone who deserves a pile of coal, a joke gift has never been commensurate with expenses. This natural charcoal water purifier has been used in Japan since the Edo period, and the Wellness Hound and Rotten Friends will be happy to accept it. Stick one piece in a bottle or bottle for clean water, poison-free, and say goodbye to plastic forever.

Collect a vase by Sam Anderson

Like a luxurious wine glass, each variation of this sweet little vase – there are five different forms in all – designed with various types of flower varieties in mind. They are clear and opaque, and three smaller ones are stealing, just under $ 20 per pop.
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