Cool Gift Designers Will Like

Cool Gift Designers Will Like

There is never a bad time to give yourself or your web designer friends gift! If you have ever wondered what to make creative people who seem to have everything, then this showcase of 20 cool prizes for web designers in your life will give you some fresh ideas.
Here, you will find an awesome old school notepad paper, luxury wireless speaker, colorful cup holder, useful wire organizers, educational games for large companies that display typography and color palettes, and more!

Spring Alphabet Brush Pot

Cool Gift Designers Will Like

This vibrant pot is made with handmade crystals and displays various letters. Use them as a pencil holder or art brush holder, this post will add a touch that is tailored to your shelf or table.

Smart RocketBook Reusable Notebook

If you are a fan of environmentally friendly products, then you will like this. Rocketbook is a smart and reusable notebook that allows you to save the records you write on it on popular cloud storage services. Once stored, you are quite wiping clean and starting new text. All notes are saved and no paper wasted.

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Tablet Graphic Image

This is a cool drawing tablet connected to your Mac or PC and allows you to draw or edit your artwork using digitally easily. It comes with a Pro Pen 2 which displays various levels of sensitivity of pressure and precision pamungkas that accelerate your workflow.

Vintage Notecards Typography

Cool Gift Designers Will Like 1

Set Notecard Vintage typography is a good gift for any typography lovers. Typography is displayed on the struggling fonts from this notecard and classic from the beginning of the twentieth century. Also, you can read about the history of each type of letter on the back of these cards.

Stencil Stainless Steel Progo UI for Portable Images

These days you can find many UI / UX icons on the internet. But if you are old school and like to work with paper and pencils, this stencil will be the best for you to draw a number of popular icons while traveling.

Gradient Puzzle Collection

This is probably the most difficult and most soothing puzzle game you have ever found. You are required to collect gradient puzzles that may take a long time but give you the opportunity to meditate on color.

Side project flow

Designers always get offers to start a side project but get a little out of control if they agree to everything. This post displays a flow diagram that allows you to check whether you can take the project or not.

Wireframe deck

You must have seen a lot of playing cards, but here there is a deck that is actually useful for you. The cards show wireframe for UI and the content strategy of your website so you can plan anywhere with your teammates or clients.

Polaroid Lab Instan Printer

Cool Gift Designers Will Like 2

Great Combo of Vintage and Modern Technology, this printer can change your mobile digital photos into polaroids. All you have to do is install the application on your cellphone, place it on the printer, and get your polaroids printed immediately.

ABC geometric shadow

Chic accessories for your home or office, these posters feature geometric shadows and bright colors can enlighten the space placed.

Counter-Print Book Bag

This is a beautiful minimum handmade bag to bring your books. You can take it as a tote bag or as a shoulder bag in whatever way you like.

CMYK playing cards

The cards consist of four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. All of these colors are displayed in 10 different nuances that show different levels of opacity from certain colors. The perfect gift for graphic designers dealing with color day after day.

Mustache Party Glass Package

Look at the stache on the cup. Not serious. This is a party shot glasses with a mustache. The perfect hipster glasses for any designer party!