Exceptional Gift For Designers – 2021 Edition

SINSTAR 8 in 1 Aluminum Multi Port Adapter Type C Combo Hub

We have collected 22 fantastic Christmas gifts for all your creative web designers and graphic designer friends out there. Although incomplete, these are some of the best prizes for designers currently available, just in time to shop for your vacation.

Smart RocketBook Reusable Notebook

Exceptional Gift For Designers

The RocketBook notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience, but is built for the digital era. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, RocketBook can be used without stopping and connected to all your favorite designer cloud services. When your designer friend writes using any pen from the Frixion pilot pathway, their writing sticks to the RocketBook page like ordinary paper. But add a drop of water … and notebooks are removed like magic. Designed for those who want a notebook that can be reused without stopping for years, if not a lifetime, RocketBook has a page made with synthetic materials that provide a very smooth writing experience. Blast handwritten notes to popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, Email and others using free RocketBook applications for iOS and Android.

Amazing – Paper Tablet – 10.3 “Digital Notepad and e-reader

Amazing is the first digital device that provides your favorite designer note-to-paper experience. Amazingly changing their handwriting records to typed text, making it easy to enhance, set up and share. Without a backlight or glare, it offers an experience of reading such as paper, they will not find a LCD screen. Berakot on their documents just as they are on paper. Including digital devices such as undo, delete, moving, and more.

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet Digital Graphic Images

Professional standards in the creative pen tablet Wacom Intuos Pro set new standards for professional graphics tablets. The new Wacom Pro Pen 2 displays impressive pressure sensitivity, the slope response and almost loose free lag. Your favorite designers will get natural creative control when they describe, edit, or design digitally with Intuos Pro.

Wacom Intuos4 / Cintiq21 Grip Pen

Wacom Intuos4

Create a sketch and write on an Intuos tablet or a comfortable Cintiq display with this Wacom handle stylus. It has a contoured body and ergonomic weight to help prevent wrist fatigue during expanded use, and its slope sensitivity provides natural nuances for accurate images. Maximize productivity with programmable side switches and pressure-sensitive erasers.

Pen Moleskine + Smart Writing Set Pen & Smart Notebook

Your favorite designers will watch their ideas from the page and evolve on the screen. Part of the smart writing system, the smart writing set is an instant access kit that contains tablet paper dotted layout, pen + smart pen and moleskine application note: Everything is needed to bring all the advantages of digital creativity for notes and sketches.

Adobe Stock – Try a free risk for 30 days!

Give a gift that continues to give, starting with a 30-day risk trial! Find pictures of high-res stock, perfect royalty free to improve your next creative designer creative project. Preview of watermarked images in the design first. Then license, access and managed directly in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, and other Adobe Desktop applications.

Vaydeer USB 3.0 wireless charging aluminum monitor stand riser

Your favorite designers can make additional space on their desktop while adding a USB 3.0 port, wireless charging for your device, and keyboard and mouse storage, everything is in a sleek and affordable package!

SINSTAR 8 in 1 Aluminum Multi Port Adapter Type C Combo Hub

SINSTAR 8 in 1 Aluminum Multi Port Adapter Type C Combo Hub

This practical small device features three USB 3.0 ports, SD and micro SD card slot, Ethernet, charging port, and 4K HDMI video output. A concise and easy to use design makes it easy to take the type-C USB hub with you wherever you go. Your favorite designers will not be far from the convenience of accessing their favorite USB devices.