Gift For Graphic Designers

The Mug

Graphic designers have a big influence on our lives. They are the brain behind what is seen on television, the internet, in stores while we shop – if you have a visual element, they design it. Their ideas are everywhere. The gift list for graphic designers is filled with gadgets they can use to work and cool things we know.

Stendig Calendar.

The best calendar, ever. So the hip became part of a permanent collection at the modern art museum in New York City for decades. This great calendar was made in the 60s by Massimo Vignelli’s famous designer. Every graphic designer wants one of these on their walls.

Handheld Scanner

Gift For Graphic Designers

Must be owned for graphic designers. With handheld scanners they can save streaks, images, notes, and find art in digital format. Files can be stored in color or black and white, and in various file formats and written text automatically converted into a completely editable text.

Electronic cutting machine set

Graphic designers like home projects. They designed things on their computers all day at work, but when they arrived at home, creativity didn’t stop. This electronic cutting machine is connected via USB to a computer or laptop and cuts the fabric and material for the right specifications.

Smart carry-on

When designers must travel to work to make a big tone to important clients, they take their valuable intellectual property with them – and it’s not all digitized. This carry-on connects wirelessly to a smartphone so that they can trace all their important things. This is also a default charger.

Albers table.

Albers Desk

The famous modern abstract painter Josef Albers is known for his geometric painting. What many people don’t know is that he designs a perfect table too. He applied his artistic genius to make functional, beautiful workspaces, and on lust lists for designers around the world.

Tag Frame

If you are happy and you know it … say in your car! Graphic artists are a group of proud and once they landed the job playing with pictures throughout the day, they were happy as children in the playground in the recess. This license plate frame allows them to share excitement with the whole world.

Deluxe sketch kit

Ninety percent of what graphic designers do on computer screens, but most of their best ideas start from Longhand – and napkins in restaurants or at home on a quiet Sunday. This art kit brings artists back to the basics: sketching, drawing, and sculpting art from the heart.

Creative workshop

Pro athletes practice the basics every day. Basketball players dribble and shoot, soccer players pass and catch. This book treats designers in the same way. This gives them the opportunity to practice so they can train their skills and “exercise” every day to “stay fit.”


The Mug

We want to avoid coffee cups in this list of gifts for graphic designers, but this one is too good. The message is simple and graphics say everything. There were no graphic designers who had succeeded through the entire project without making mistakes – and this mug gave them offices as if the next office occurred.

Digital art screen.

There is a completely new art world out there which is a step over what we know today. He lives in the magical land of Pixel Pixies, Digital Dalis, and Computer Calder. You guessed it: this is digital art. Give this epic display screen to graphic designers and they may never leave the house again.

Fake window

Long days stretching into a stretch weekend to a marathon work session at the Cranking Office of the latest project. Get this cool vinyl wall print for graphic designers and they will be grateful for two reasons. One, they will dig a cool design. Two, they will have an office with a view.


Rub graphic designers and you will find an artist. Scratch an artist (ignore the soul of wine) and you will find a child in the heart, ready to get out and play. Chances are when they are children, your graphic artist friends spend a lot of time with etching sketches.