Gift For Graphic Designers

Gift For Graphic Designers

What can be the best gift for graphic designers? Think of items that can be described as creative or even strange. It is often a good way to inspire designers or facilitate their work.
A designer is a very developed fantasy, smooth taste, creative abilities and a unique view of things. If you have trouble choosing a gift for such people, here is a list of great gifts for graphic artists.

Book set for inspiration

If your friend is a lovers of the book, he will definitely like this inspirational book. Make a time reading a great graphic designer presents one of these books or even some.
The set consists of 3 books: stealing like an artist, show your job!, Continue to be written by one author – Austin Kleon. All books are filled with interesting funny stories and useful tips for making Agung’s work.

Computer glasses.

Gift For Graphic Designers
If the health and welfare of the recipient love you, serve with a pair of protective glasses. Some other professionals spend a lot of time staring at the 5K monitor and the truth is our eyes are not tailored to it. A pair of anti-glare glasses are designed to filter several dangerous elements that cause eye fatigue. Also, they can look great and can be a stylish accessory.

Display of 5k Retina IMAC

Even though this gift is certainly not an affordable, it is something that will make your designer jump for joy, cry like a child and kiss your hands. Apple iMac is the beauty of 14.7 million pixels on a 27-inch screen, power up to 4 GHz, 3.5 teraflop graphic power and 20 GB throughput with Thunderbold 2.

Pantone color guide

The fan-shaped reference guide developed by Pantone Color Institute is useful for every professional who works with graphic design. For web designers, a version called the Color Bridge Coated is the most useful, designed to convert nuances into CMYK and RGB formats. This allows the color of Pantone to be displayed most accurately on the screen.

Set Paint Marker Bundles

Set Paint Marker Bundles

A set of 29 markers that your friends can use to take a short record, make illustrations or even pop art. Make sure they are water based and can be used to draw on metal, glass, plastic, mirror or any surface. Ink does not bleed.

logo board game

A set of 400 special games cards provide hours of play and can be a great gift. This game will test your friend’s consumer knowledge. They will come in a stylish bright box. Find out more facts and more extraordinary surprises that will entertain not only graphic designers.

Wacom bamboo digital ballpoint pen

This bamboo digital ballpoint pen pen with a snap-fit ​​can be an extraordinary addition to your friend’s tablet to take notes. This is not for professional purposes but will help to write brainstorming ideas and sketches for projects, client meetings, and storyboards.

Subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud

Illustrator is one of the best free graphic design software. If you or the receiver the prize becomes a useful thing, then this is a rather clear choice. Those who work with Adobe software will definitely appreciate it. Also, this will be useful as storage for any designer.

Pantone Notebooks.


You might see it mentioned between gift ideas for graphic designers everywhere. That’s because this notebook is rather crazy among designers. So the recipient you will be happy to try one or satisfied with filling out stock. Especially if you have a large package.

Aura Box Clock Speaker

Instead of having a useful or fun gadget collection, you can get one tool and have it combined in stylish cubes. It contains speakers, lights and clocks with alarms. In addition, you can use it for hand-free calls and social media notifications or mess with pixel art displays. The perfect device for making designer life is more fun and easier.