Gifts For Designers, Artists & Creatives

gifts for designers artists & creatives

There are two kinds of people: those who treat gift-shopping like an Olympic sport and those who have a stash of gift cards in their desk drawer ready for any occasion. We’ll be honest with you guys in the spirit of the holidays. We don’t mind gift cards, but there is nothing like a present from the heart.

99designs is not only creative, but also a first-rate place to work. We love cosplaying Santa’s helper. We reached out to our designers, friends, and our favorite creators-in the-wild for their ideas. We compiled this ultimate gift guide from the feedback we received.

This dog is full of cool stuff, from unique stocking stuffers to interactive gifts and even furniture (!). It is huge. It is grand. If we do say so, it’s great. It’s hard to find a better one.

Get ready to get on your mark, and get ready…

Adventure Awaits print

gifts for designers artists & creatives

The “Adventure Awaits” print by Furry little Peach is first. You might have seen her on Instagram or her inspirational Youtube channel. This beautiful A3 print has been made with archival ink and 100% cotton paper. It won’t wear or fade over time.

This combination with a frame will make a great gift for any occasion.

The Drawing Hand and the Working Mind

FLP recommends FLP a book that she recently received and loved: The Working Mind & Drawing Hand by Oliver Jeffers. This book contains never-before-published illustrations and art from Jeffers’ own sketchbook.

Fancy-ish luggage

This bag is a great example of a useful gift. You can charge multiple devices with it and the lock keeps your items safe. You can take it to your next conference, meetings, or anywhere else. What could be more for a digital nomad designer than this?

Superhi teaches you how to code

Superhi teaches you how to code

Teach a man how to fish, and you’ll be a successful teacher. Learning something new is empowering. Superhi offers many beginner coding courses that teach designers how to create beautiful websites.

Sunrise rug

GUR rugs can be handmade from traditional techniques and raw materials. This Chan Wai Hon rug is our favorite. Its design highlights the weaving technique and makes you feel calm.

Graphic design worldwide

Our global community is constantly inspiring us, and Edwin Cappalla, top designer, is no exception. This set of 3 Counter-Print paperbacks is recommended by Edwin Cappalla, who recommends it. They offer endless inspiration through packaging, posters, and signage from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, Japan, and are great for anyone looking to get started.

Logo Design Love

Case studies, sketches, tips, oh my! A perfect gift for a logo-obsessed design professional is hard to find.

CMYK tattoos

You get 2 temporary tattoos worth 5 dollars for the print-phobic person in your life. You can even go all out and get the RGB set while you’re at your leisure.

Houtique chair and lamp set

 lamp set

Lilly Friedeberg is a true wunderkind. She is known for her colorful, fun illustrations. Recently, she entered the agency world, and started her own studio for branding and packaging. Her wishlist? A Houtique ultra-cool chair/lamp.

Nordic glass ornaments

We understand what you are thinking: ornaments for holidays. Is that really true? We are not kidding. These sleek hangables were designed by AYTM and can be displayed all year. Place them on a shelf. Hang them from your window. There are so many possibilities.