Great Gift For Designers 2021

The designer is a group of voters, and we can be very complicated to buy (sorry about that.) There is so much to worry about, who is designed by, what if it’s the wrong color, what if the type is not enough. True or not enough ‘on the trend’.
If you are a designer or want to buy a gift for a friend designer, here are some of our main gift ideas!
This list is not in a certain order and varies in price and product, so hopefully, you will find what you need!

Wacom Intuos Pro Small Graphic Tablet

Great Gift For Designers 2021

Intuos graphics tablets are perfect for creating digital sketches, describing, repairing and making graphics. This is a great all-rounder to help creative work more precisely and naturally compared to using the mouse.
This can save work time, allowing more creative users and opening more creative ideas. Perfect for anyone who likes to make digital artwork!

Pantone … good anything!

If you are not a designer, you may have never heard of Pantone or think they sell some paint here and there, but for designers, they are a company to search for color trends and the best way to print projects!

They also sell many lifestyle products, using famous color references (to designers), once again this product is 100% accurate color, we cannot help them!
We suggest maybe a set of mugs or notebooks, but there are many other big gift ideas, they even sell vacation ornaments!

Online creative courses!

Do you want to enter the creative field for the first time or professionals who are interested in improving your skills, our pro membership will make you well equipped to take the next giant leap in your design career.

iPad Pro (supports Apple pencil)

Great Gift For Designers 2021 1

The iPad with Apple pencil is not cheap but investment for all designers and illustrators. There is massive growth in the number of artists who use the iPad to improve their design and workflow processes. Creative application for iPad, such as procreate and vectornator, makes it much more fun and more convenient to design while traveling.

Loop phone

We are quite close to our cellphone, try to get a ‘right corner’ for pictures or just quickly check Instagram at the wrong time! This practical discovery means users can always have a safe and relaxed grip on their cellphones while avoiding drops and accidental damage.
So our precious phones remain safe and even better ‘loops’ comes in all kinds of designs so that it will look good no matter what’s on the phone!

Bang & Olufsen Wireless Headphones

Good for maintaining concentration at work or used while traveling to the office or studio.
Plus they wireless so there is no affer with another cable above our countless charger, external hard drive, graphic tablet etc.
The sound quality of this headphone is amazing and most importantly … they look great!

Subscribe to the papergang.

For more cunning designers or anyone who wants to rest from using the screen, a papergang subscription is a gift that continues to give.
Made by every month including exclusive stationery and table accessories designed in collaboration with various artists and creative. So this gift provides a number of fantastic stationery to use and source of monthly inspiration and a way to find new artists. They were sent directly to the door!

Dji Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Gimbal Smartphones

This is a little mouthful. This is a handheld smartphone gimbal. This device allows users to attach / enter their smartphones and capture fine and professional recordings while traveling.
This is perfect for every creative who likes to explore, take video recording or enjoy editing video recording. This can be used in professional and personal capacity.
It’s light and easy to chuck in a backpack for that day (and no complaints about faltering recordings.) However, being warned means more time spent ‘get a right angle or shot.’

Multipurpose Laptop Backpack

Great Gift For Designers 2021 2

For a more practical type, this waterproof bag serves as a backpack and workbag / laptop bag in a smarter meeting case. It’s packed full of small bags for laptops, iPad, telephone etc. So everything remains safe, and proven to be more difficult to lose a small SD card and Memory Stick!
It is designed for convenience and to relieve stress placed on the shoulder, perfect for longer trips.