Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers

For you all looking for a smart gift design, you come to the right place! We consulted with some of our favorite architects and designers to drive a list of 17 unique and creative ideas, perfect for all design lovers on your list. (We have the feeling that handmade ceramics will be an anger this year!)

From Chloe Warner from Redmond Design Aldrich

One of the few things I collected was a vase, and now I am a very simple white. The Eric Roinestad XL Vessel 51 of the perfect future is amazing modern Greece, and this scale vase from Gerhard ceramics based in San Francisco is equally elegant and may be more accessible.
The packaging is alone in the Multi-Purpose Olio E Osso balm sells it for me, but then I find people using it as lip balm, cuticle oil, and brow groomer, and now I need three. It is available in the most beautiful gems of a beauty shop that we just designed in Bush Street, Ayla Beauty.
I like to give weird and beautiful books to people, and books / shops in Oakland have the most unique edition options and out-of-print I have ever seen. On a recent visit, I fell to book Edward Weston Vintage about Lobos Point, but stocks always changed. For me, it is a shop that must be visited in the temescal alley that must be visited.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers

From Bonnie Bridges of Boor Bridges Architecture

Made by our talented friend Beth Naumann in his Emeryville studio, Hellbent, a lightweight diamond cellphone was the perfect accent for each room. The striking but smooth design looks great in front of the dark or light wall and throwing geometric shadows lure as a moving and spinning part.
Smoky gray glass and gold leaf accents provide a decanter flown with this hand for a luxe vacation for vacation. This stylish and slim set is the ideal way to close pleasant holiday food.
With a design inspired by traditional holiday motifs, this carved black porcelain mug is perfect for breathing hot chocolate or some wine filled with fire. Be sure to see the rest of the holiday collection to coordinate the sugar bowl and candle from this portland-based clay factor ceramic factor.

From Arsiel Gessler Architects

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers 1

Even though the press was introduced a few years ago, I think the unique concept is an absolute classic. The clock needs one year for the hand to fully travel around. The color scheme is thick and reflects season changes throughout the year. As the name suggests, this clock gives you a way to see a different time.
This creative and pleasant monkey lamp carries unique imagination and attitude. You can mix and match small people to make fun vibrations that damage the norm. Definitely a conversation starter.
We have found a simple and easy way to capture certain colors that we like and match them with our favorite paint brands, such as Farrow & Ball and Benjamin Moore. Simply put Nix Mini on any surface; It uses its own internal light source and connects wirelessly to your cellphone to give you the appropriate paint color.

From Dawn Carlson & Carol Perry of Mas Design

Holiday Gift Ideas For Design Lovers 2

In Mas, we love designing for confident clients who like their luxury only with a bad touch @ SSERY. This Sadoughi catfish bracelet arouses their enthusiasm and artistic talent. Simmetry of architecture and post-industrial machinery is alignment, they will die for!
Speaking of Bad @ Ssery, this set of Flask Sutton Ralph Lauren will appeal to the design of the geek in your life! A set of Monogram RL playing cards will show the opposition that they are dedicated to their craft. (Not to mention the craft cocktail they will drink with thermos and cups included.)
We all know someone who destroys stress on vacation. They have a sense of humor, coupled with a sense of style, and this is ridiculous, but extraordinary, Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Floampie will float them to a cold Holidaze.

From Karen Curtiss of Red Dot Studio

Tejas my dear produces a collection of leather jackets and bags. Seriously designed by Susan Kim in North California, using sustainable American skin, which is browned in Colorado and made carefully by craftsmen in Texas.
Anandamayi Arnold is a berkeley artist whose specialism makes “shocking the ball” of crepe paper. The balls are filled with around 10 small toys and snacks. Some of our favorites are sparkling snowballs, coal lumps, and pomegranates. The surprise ball is available on the tail of the yak, they don’t have a website but the location of brick and mortar they provide a wonderful shopping experience.
Rare devices are one of our favorite San Francisco stores for shopping. Giselle Gyyalzen, shop owners and buyers, have great eyes for art and products. They carry prints and beautiful art gifts. As a coffee lover, I checked the mug of their buildup, coffee fat, suppressor, and pot. Also, make sure to check their rotating art events at their divisadero location.

From Jeff King & Company

The membership for the art center of the Yerba Buena is perfect for those who value contemporary art in all its forms. Not your typical art gallery, YBCA brings visual arts, art performances, films, and shared civil involvement, believe that culture is very important for change.
And finally, if you need more inspiration for unique gifts, see the San Francisco City Hall pop-up shop on Wednesday, December 6, toys, leather, household, and more. With so many talented craftsmen and makers in San Francisco, you are sure to find a gift for everyone on your list!