Ideas For Designing Christmas Packaging

Print Christmas-themed Tags

Every year, you arrive at the same place – natalnya. Customer flood, fever work rate and questions – how to stand out between competitions. Your answer this year – designed Christmas packaging.

It might seem unbit early to think about ornaments and gifts, but if you are a business owner, the holiday has been on your mind for some time now. There is a lot of marketing to do and some strict deadlines to meet.

And you know the best that Christmas is the hottest time from years for most e-commerce brands. Clients are packed in stores, website traffic is on the roof.
Below you will find many ideas about how to approach the Christmas packaging design. Our design & packaging experts also share their thoughts – lots of great tips below, so let’s go down there!

Color mixture

Use Christmas Color – Green & Red

Ideas For Designing Christmas Packaging

Christmas trees, lights, ornaments – all of this symbolized with green and red. And guess what, they also fit for the design of the Christmas packaging.
Using these two colors in the Christmas themed box sent a clear statement about this time this year. And even if you are not looking for big changes in terms of your branding this holiday season, there is nothing wrong with just adding pop color vacations to your packaging. Look at the elegant double piece box below.

Use a different gold & black mixture

Christmas is no longer a season filled with kitschy design (although that doesn’t love cheese deer and santas). For business owners, Christmas turns into a race where e-commerce brands and retail companies fight by designing Christmas packaging in the best way.
When it comes to installation of color, one way to stand out is to choose black and gold.
Black brings elegance and simplicity, while gold is associated with luxury.
Even the simplest pattern will look more premium when designed in two colors.

Style Inspirations

Get inspired by rural design

Rural design creates organic warmth and uses simplicity for their benefits. They can be successfully put into various types of products, because almost every product will look good in that style.
Natural natural brown, homely working perfectly with mono-color molds – white, black, gray or gold. You don’t need a complicated Christmas design to make them look astonishing – your logo and ribbon or kraft ribbon with a festive pattern will do tricks.
And here’s the best part – it’s very easy to make the packaging inspired by the country’s own.

Get inspired by the style of “Scandinavian Sweater”

Get inspired by the style of "Scandinavian Sweater"

There were times when Instagram was inhabited with pictures of people wearing a Christmas-themed sweater in front of a comfortable fireplace. Even though you might feel it’s all cheap, this is the tip.

When looking for design inspiration, open your mind. Christmas sweaters – regardless of the “ugly sweater” that warms the heart – explodes with a phenomenal pattern. Get inspired by the pattern of the people. Scandinavian countries have a long history with the design of the people, and they can be successfully printed on your packaging too.
Snowflakes, pine trees, ornaments, deer and fat men themselves, unlimited possibilities.

Choose for minimalism

E-commerce is driven by appearance, and is not surprising that industry leaders have included smart ways to use visual search engines to help customers find what they need. And for many brands today, the saying is reduced more translated into minimalist visual language.
Christmas packaging can also benefit from minimalism. When designing Christmas packaging, think of simple molds – elegant fonts, fast colors. Choose white and natural cardboard to make a smooth mood too.


The introduction of a small brand is really very helpful. And embossing is a fantastic way to utilize your brand’s visual symbol.
This is a print technique that creates a 3D effect on the surface of a box. By adding such novelty on the surface of your box, you will overcome the touch of touch. Combine the surface arising with a hot stamping and you are left with the luminescent effect, just below the Christmas tree!
Tip: Embossing looks best in the Christmas box with more unusual construction. Think of a box with magnetic closure, a rigid box or super luxury packaging with a handle.

Hot stamping.

Hot stamping is a method of laminating certain parts of the design with shining foil. The result is a very original and shiny pattern part. Start by adding hot stamping to your brand logo or name or creating a special festival symbol with a hot-cap texture. You can also add a hot-cap layer to the text printed on your Christmas packaging.

Print Christmas-themed Tags

Print Christmas-themed Tags

Encourage your customers online by printing a holiday hashtag in the box.
This is a way to utilize packaging in your advertising strategy. Bring your customers to one place and let them share the packaging you design! This is a strategy that has been used by many brands, including Starbucks.