The Main Gift Guide For Creative People

We hope this ultimate gift guide will relieve stress to find the right gift for that type of ‘creative’. We are sure you will find something here that will make the next year more difficult to beat!

Gifts To Encourage Self-Expression

Creative types often view the world around them and their own lives as works of art and are likely to find opportunities for self-expression in everyday life. Help them express yourself!
Some people enjoy expressing themselves through a brave mode statement and others through photography, written words, or culinary delights! Some appreciate innovative technology and need all the latest technology gadgets while others are creative DIY and enjoy making everything by hand. Or maybe this creative person is more than a minimalist design and appreciates everything that represents a great design. Whatever form of self expression they enjoy, believe me, there are gifts for that!

For inspired ideas generators

Creative individuals often like to record things that inspire them. Set 3 This mini sketch of UGMONK is the perfect size to carry in a backpack, wallet, or back pocket to make sure your creative friends are always ready to capture inspiration moments!

For style icons

If he likes to make a brave statement with a vibrant wardrobe, a pleasant beanie pom-pom in pink, burgandy, or light blue “, or sapphire will speak his fashion. POM-POM oversized, colored cashmere beanies, and chunky knitted Everything is in style this season. And there are so many choices to choose from!

For creative mixology lovers

The Main Gift Guide For Creative People

For unique people in your life who knows how to fully appreciate Malt Scotch, Rum, or Bourbon Full Burbon. Let them be creative and express themselves with the aging of their own spirits! This private kit includes a liter white white oak barrel with 3 liters with 3 essence of aging barrel swish. A great piece of conversation for their home bar! (Note: Alcohol is not included)

For modern creative men

Unique and stylish socks are cool fashion statements for creative men! London Sock Co. Work with talented designers and creative, including professional stylists and image consultants Joe Ottaway and artist Rosemary Goodenough. Celebrities like Daniel Craig, Sam Smith, and Dev Patel are also fans of this stylish socks! So many gift box options size and even subscribe to socks.

For non-commitment art lovers

Temporary tattoos aka “flash tats” are great for those who might enjoy playing with self-expression through body art but don’t want to commit to one special artwork for life! For anyone who wants to experiment with body art, design by Tatly celebrating the art of professional artists. The beautiful level shown here is designed by Rifle Paper Co.

For web developers who love beer

Don’t leave our talented web developers who are advanced our creative design codes! Give your favorite coder Happy Hour inspired HTML with a glass that is approved by this geek from Uncommongoods. Now they will be able to break the perfect pour code in their pilsner. HTML beer glasses, set 2 $ 25
Pro tip:
Looking for unique gifts? One of the right places to shop for unique items is in the art museum gift shops. Many of the best museums in the world have online stores. Did you know that you can shop online at the Louvre souvenir shop in Paris, France? The museum tends to have a variety of interesting items that are perfect for giving gifts!

Gifts To Excite Their Design Sense

Creative people tend to be excited on products and well-designed products and experiences well designed. Speak their language with some of the ideas below! Rovemade Walnut Monitor Stand

For creator conscious design

The Main Gift Guide For Creative People 2

This slim groved collection has a clean line, wise design, and made of natural ingredients. This setting will definitely inspire creative friends who work hard and allow them to take their workspace, and their work, to the next level. Grove wood monitors stand in walnuts

For nerds

These books by Typography Superstar Jessica Hische are truly amazing! The Penguin Drop Caps series includes 26 unique classic literature hardcovers featuring beautiful cover art for each alphabet letter.

For typographic lovers

Those who are passionate about the type of design might enjoy wearing their hearts on the sleeve with this super-soft unisex feather crewneck. Seriously comfortable and serious with the details of the applique sewn. Copywriter in your life may also appreciate this one! UGMONK Premium Ampersand Crewneck Bookend Superhero Black Metal This unique add to the unexpected visual interest in any bookshelf.

For color lovers

The Main Gift Guide For Creative People

Our office is filled with creative people who like good puzzle breaks during business days! As a creative that solves a difficult design challenge, we sometimes need a quiet mental break. The puzzle is a great way for us to stay away from the computer and work together. This beautiful puzzle from Betterco. Made by Vin Thomas designers. Milky Way and Gradien are some of our favorites. $ 25.

For Nerd & Card Print Player

Beautifully designed and printed, this handmade luxury playing card combines several print techniques including gold foil, hot stamping, and bronze foil. Wow, amazing details! Residents a pile of cards from @ Theory11 illustrated by @kevincantrellstudio which is amazing and printed by @StudioFire $ 9.95
Pro tip:
Some brands have more creative packaging design for their products, which are perfect for gifts! Often the unique and well-designed packaging can take your gifting game to the next level. Great packaging design has the ability to increase everyday products to something more extraordinary, impact, and memorable. Beware of cool packaging designs!