Unique Birthday Ideas to Win Your SoulMate’s Heart

A Beautiful Photo Memory Collage

Why have we specifically named this birthday idea on the top of our list? Because it will take your beloved by surprise in a mere moment. Distance will play no game here – Involve all of your sweetheart’s friends, cousins, relatives to pose with each letter spelling H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y! You can ask all of these people to send you a picture prior 3-4 days making the collage.


A Birthday Video

This birthday idea is more exciting! Ask all of his friends, best friends, cousins, family members to wish your sweetheart a very happy birthday. Also, especially ask his cousins or friends to speak about a fond memory they’ve lived with your partner. This won’t take any of your efforts – just the compiling and making! It will surely bring a glee on your bae’s face! A Birthday Video


Color the Walls on Birthday

Yes, we are literally asking you to color the walls of her/his bedroom with a beautiful birthday greeting! Choose the wall on which your partner will set her/his eyes upon in the morning. Use chalks, decorative papers, and sparkle to color the wall and make them feel like a true royalty on their day! He/she would be completely thrilled with this vivacious birthday idea of yours!


Birthday Queen

Well, this birthday idea is quite a royal one! Buy him a “happy birthday king” crown right before he starts his day and plead him to note down all the wishes he wants to get fulfilled this year or the coming ones. Your partner will be too glad when you make this happen.


Birthday Puzzle

If you both know each-other in and out or have been together for years then this is the right time to make them solve a birthday puzzle. Use sticky notes and write small love-notes about “why he/she is awesome” or any good idea you gather. This will surely take him by surprise and he’ll keep discovering more and more fun stuff about himself.


To My Soulmate Necklace

Perfect for reminding us to make our own way through life and not blindly follow others, this necklace comes with a powerful quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Featuring green tourmaline, smoky quartz and a silver bar, all three have properties which will help you stay focussed while you find your path to my soulmate necklace at the Giveter

To My Soulmate Necklace

Surprise Birthday Visit

He / She will be glad when you send special birthday flowers at their workplace with a truly delectable cake and later when they open the present, go and have lunch together or dinner. You’ll surely sweep her/him off their feet!


Collect all those praises!

You know how you feel about your boyfriend but does he know what exactly you feel? Does he know what others feel about him? To show him how important he is in other’s lives too, collect messages from his loved ones. Contact his friends, his colleagues and his family members. Ask them to write small expressive notes for him. Now, you can present these to him in a couple of ways. Either you can roll them up and put them into a glass jar (for instance, a mason jar) or you can hide these notes in places where you know he can’t miss seeing them (for instance, inside his shoes or under his pillow et cetera). Just imagine, how surprised he will be when he finds out that you are not the only one who has something to say about him.

Your personal album.

Now, this may require a lot of time and some digging up of the past. What you have to do is make a rough chart of all the memorable dates that you have been to together, starting right from the day you met. Buy an album and instead of just adorning it with pictures, insert a map of the place where you had met for the first time and highlight the spot. Write something lovely about the time that you had spent there. Now, move in a chronological order and insert pictures of all your significant dates. Add notes and any reminiscent things that you think should be added (for instance, first movie tickets, notes that you had exchanged et cetera). This will not only be an unconventional album but will also be good for the preservation of those notes and pictures. If you want to then, you can leave some of the album empty to give a message that you will be filling it up as your life together goes on. It’s totally romantic!

A dinner date can never grow old!

There is something about the romantic candles and the soft music that always reigns you in. An old- fashioned dinner date can never grow old. It is an epitome of everything that is romantic. Plan a proper romantic date. You can take him out for a date or you can plan all this at home itself. Dress up for the occasion and just go with the flow of the night. Good food, good wine and a beautiful girl by his side will surely make your boyfriend ecstatic. Order his favourite food and don’t forget to dance! It’s not everyday that you go on a romantic date.

Treasure Hunt.

It may seem a bit juvenile but then, one’s heart should never grow old. Place a clue near him which will lead him to the next clue and so on. Now, you can decide what do you want him to find at the end of the hunt. It can be a gift that you had planned to give him all along or a surprise birthday party or a simple date with you. Let him feel the rush of adrenaline as he goes on a quest to find what waits for him in the end. Treasure Hunt.

Win over his friends!

Yeah, I know. It’s boring to watch guys play video games or discuss sports. But then, it’s your boyfriend’s birthday. If that’s what makes him happy the, do that for him. Plan out a party for him where he just gets to chill and be himself. Call his best buddies over and order lots of pizza’s along with his birthday cake. I’m sure he’ll love you for catering to his needs first.

Foodie, much?

We have all seen guys gorging on food. And don’t you love it when he can’t stop eating the food that you have so lovingly prepared for him? Yes, the way to a guy’s heart is through is stomach. Prepare his favourite food and call him over for a meal together. Eat to your heart’s content and just relax together afterwards. He’ll not only appreciate your efforts but will also love you for doing this for him.